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NRI doctor to invest Rs.100 crore in diagnostic services - nri-worldwide.com

A UAE-based doctor turned millionaire is set to invest about Rs.100 crore in bringing essential diagnostic services to the hinterlands of Kurnool.

Nawab Shafi Ul-Mulk, who also claims descent from the royal family of Kurnool, aims to bring affordable cancer diagnostic services including CT, PET and MRI to the district, leveraging the scale, size and cost of the mini cyclotron, and success of tele-medicine in the developed world.

Cyclotrons are particle accelerators crucial in most radiological imaging techniques. Their large size and high cost inhibits investment required to make crucial diagnostic services available to the masses, opines Dr. Mulk.

“A mini-cyclotron costs just ten percent of a cyclotron and is the size of a refrigerator. At our mini-oncology centres, the patient’s results will be read and interpreted in 30 minutes”.

The oncology centres proposed will contain diagnostic facilities and staff operating, but the medical support will be extended by doctors off-shore who will read the images.

His company, the Global Hawk Imaging and Diagnostics, healthcare arm of a larger conglomerate Mulk Holdings, has already tasted success with telemedicine in the UAE.

Credit to : http://www.nri-worldwide.com/nri-doctor-to-invest-rs-100-crore-in-diagnostic-services/

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