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Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is needed to better facilitate your time and reduce waiting times. To schedule an appointment at any one of two locations, please use the online form or call us at 042364477 or 043213266. We usually offer same day appointments, and also accept walk-in patients.

What services are available?

We offer complete range of Diagnostic imaging and lab tests under one roof. We are only centre to have both closed and open MRI under one roof. Other imaging like CT angio, 4D ultrasound, Digital Mammography, Bone densitometry, x-rays, HSG etc and range of haematological; genetic and immunological tests are available at our center.

What are the preparations I need to do for my diagnostic test?

Every procedure is different, as is every patient. When you schedule an appointment at Diagnostic Imaging Centers, our schedulers will ask a few important questions about you and your upcoming test. The scheduler will then be able to give you specific instructions for preparing for your examination. Some studies, such as HSG or barium studies, require specific preparations.

When & How do I come to know about my result?

Global Hawk Imaging & Diagnostics is known our prompt delivery of results. For urgent studies, results are phoned immediately to your referring physician. Mammography and breast ultrasound results are provided to you before you leave our facility. For all other studies, results are generally faxed to your referring physician within 24 hours of the exam. Exceptions include some imaging studies where extensive computer time is needed, which may take a little longer for interpretation.

Can I know if all insurances are covered by the Center?

Yes. Most major insurance plans are accepted at our both branches. However, any co-pays, deductibles or non-covered services must be paid at time of services rendered. We also accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover card and American Express. Your insurance will be verified and approval will be taken by our approval team.

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