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Message from chairman

Dr. Nawab Shafi Ul Mulk
Chairman, Mulk Healthcare

The past decade has seen the healthcare industry growing at a furiously rapid phase, with clinics and hospitals proliferating all over the UAE. However, it is my conviction that innovation in one's field with uncompromising quality , and the honest intention of real benefit to the community at large, is the true distinguishing mark of a leader.

In 2008, against the warning fingers of the naysayers, my team & I researched the feasibility and utility of telemedicine, in a healthcare system that was reeling under the ripple effects of global recession. The unprecedented success and recognition of Global Hawk Telemedicine , boosted our confidence to the next level . We set up our first dual concept diagnostic Centre - Global Hawk imaging & Diagnostics, which combined expert and hands-on radiology practice with the expertise & academia of a multidisciplinary panel of world class physicians & speciality radiologists from around the globe.

I believe success is defined at one's own terms. It is this belief that has underpinned our conviction at Mulk healthcare to continue to work with resolute fervor, and unified purpose despite being the proud recipients of multiple healthcare & entrepreneurial awards. The Mulk healthcare team is currently working on an expansion plan of Medical equipment & Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing which includes supply of PET/CT/MRI and cyclotron units to centers across GCC, Asia ,Africa and Eastern Europe, in addition to steadily adding to the links to our growing chain of Global Hawk imaging and Diagnostic centers throughout the GCC.


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